The Sky

Seamless Integration

The Halo ring light is attached to the Edrio Acrylic Top Cover, on the inside. The top of the terrarium cover remains flat in order to keep the shape as minimal as possible. Simple on the outside yet powerful on the inside.


Powering 2800 led chips, Edrio Sky is a powerful yet energy efficient tool for growing lash green plants. The USB powered light comes with a dimmer and a built in timer so that Edrio can operate seamlessly, growing your plants while you are away. The daylight setting gives you the option of 6, 8 and 12hrs. You can choose the duration that is most appropriate for your plants.


The result is a plant grow light. A usb power plug that stays true to its desktop design, just plug it into your computer at work or a portable battery so you can keep it mobile.

Wether for aesthetic purposes or for growing plants in office spaces where windows arent available, Edrio Sky is a Powerful tool that takes plant care to the future.