Our projects

The Mountain

The Mountain Series features stones and minerals as the main hardscape elements. These hydroscapes are inspired by rocky mountain terrains.

They are the easiest Edrios to care for with plants like Moss, Micranthemum Monte Carlo and Eleocharis Parvula amongst others. They are low to medium light terrariums that will do well in a brightly lit room. Caring for these Edrios is as simple as watering them once a month and placing them next to a bright window..

The Jungle

Inspired by the lash greenery of the tropical Jungles, these Edrios feature tropical drift wood, fossilised wood and rhododendron root as a hard scape element. Plants include Anubias nana, Ludwigia Repens, Alternathera Reinecki, and Clay Moss Walls etc.

Maintenance of these Edrios is kept to a medium level as there is some care in the first months when the wood matures and goes through a fungal bloom.

Their vibrant colours, red plants and lash plantation make it the most favourable to customers and are our best selling Edrios.

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