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Self Sustained Terrariums

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Discovering Edrio

Explore The Edrio Wall and Edrio Nano. Both The Jungle and The Mountain theme Terrariums are available in Wall and Nano size. Whether you prefer a lush, tropical setting or a serene mountain landscape, we have the perfect Edrio to suit your taste.

With a variety micro landscapes you can easily find the perfect terrarium to enhance your home or office decor. Explore our collection and bring the beauty of nature on your desktop with Edrio.


This is an, enclosed self-sustained terrarium that requires minimal care. Water sparingly and avoid overwatering to maintain the delicate balance of moisture within the terrarium.


Fertilizing is not necessary as the self-contained ecosystem provides its own nutrients through decomposition and recycling of organic matter


Place anywhere near a window. Dont have one? No problem try our Edrio Sky Cover with a built in Led Grow Light System that helps you grow your Edrio Hydroscape anywhere.


Not a necessary step since you can just let it grow. It will occasionally require some trimming to keep it in check and we will be more than happy to provide that service for you. A maintenance home kit will be available soon.



Edrio Sky

We are changing the way plants are grown indoors. We created self sustained micro climates and now its time to take Edrio windowless. With Edrio Sky, a complete grow light system, built into the acrylic top cover getting sufficient light to your terrariums is no longer an issue. Is a complete, usb powered lighting system with a timer controller and dimmer.